Overview :

The iBeacon™ Solution consists of Tags based on TI CC254x Single-Chip Bluetooth 4.0 Low energy (a.k.a. BT4.0 LE or BLE) configured as a low-powered, low-cost advertising transmitter that works wirelessly with App software for sending notifications to iOS7 devices in close proximity for indoor positioning system, advertisement promotion, and wireless payment applications.

Features :

Location Centric iBEACON delivery.
Time Centric iBEACON delivery.
Customer Centric iBEACON delivery.
On Demand iBEACON delivery.
Low Overhead iBEACON delivery.
Provides attractive advertisement on demand directly to customer looking for targetting products & services within the given location and time to make immediate purchase decision.

Applications :

Supermarket Aisles
Shopping Mall Stores
Department Store Counters
Street Shops
Convenience Store
Flea Markets
Food Courts
Chain Stores
Parking Lot

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