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Company Background

GAIA was incorporated in April 2005 to help meet the growing demands caused by the rapid rise of the Internet and personal computing. Since incorporation, GAIA has achieved the highest standards in research and development, production, quality assurance, logistics, sales and after sales service. Especially more concentrate and focus on new 3 major products line in below.

Home Media Solution - DVBS Card/Box, IP CAM, TV tuner card
Portable Media Solution - MP3 player, MP4 player
Communication & Networking - Modem, ADSL Broadband Router, Switch HUB, Wi-Fi series
GAIA has professional teams in both Taiwan & China to offer qualified products with competitive prices, also do logistics and provide after service for all of our valued customers. From year of 2005, we devote ourselves into Media solution promotion, GAIA's mission is " Guide Audience Into Amusement ". Media Center Kits & MP3 player catch worldwide attention. With this success, we are getting confident in developing Home Media devices and Portable series.

In the fast changing IT industry, GAIA leverages more innovative products to meet market's needs. We are not only specialized in developing and manufacturing products, but also keep moving towards to create new life of people.

In view of the numerous awards that have been conferred on GAIA's products, GAIA itself has become a name synonymous with Quality. Products feature in high-end systems worldwide and have achieved ??brand name?? recognition status. GAIA further support this brand name recognition by exhibiting its product line-ups at major computer tradeshows on a regular basis. In this area we are considered paramount in marketing and support, which enables you ?V our customer ?V to grow and develop alongside GAIA.

Our partners can be assured that GAIA will not be resting on our laurels and will continue to search for the newest, most innovative and cost effective products that will be delivered and supported as befitting an industry leader.

For more information regarding GAIA COMMUNICATIONS CORP. and our range of products, contact us directly using the information -

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